Nacho Fernandez Commits to Real Madrid for Another Year

Nacho Fernandez

Nacho Fernandez has put an end to speculation about his future by confirming that he will be renewing his contract with the club for another year. The 33-year-old, who has been with the club since the age of 11, has made a significant contribution to the team over the years, despite not always being the first choice.

Nacho’s versatility in playing across the back four has seen him make 319 appearances for the first team since his debut in 2013. His contract was due to expire at the end of June, sparking rumours of a possible move to Villarreal or Inter Milan. However, in a recent interview with Spanish TV network, RTVE, Nacho made it clear that he has no intentions of leaving his beloved club.

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“I am going hand in hand with my club and my family,” Nacho said. “There are always offers, but I have decided to stay for another year and I am very happy with the decision and I want to stay with Real Madrid,” he added.

Currently, Nacho is with the Spain national team, preparing for the upcoming Uefa Nations League semi-final against Italy. He expressed optimism about the team’s chances, highlighting the unity and dedication of the squad.

“We are all together and united here, not just the coach (Luis de la Fuente), who is optimistic and dedicated, and between the young players here and the veterans, we can win the Nations League,” he commented.

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