Inter Miami Popularity Skyrockets Following Messi Arrival

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The arrival of football superstar Lionel Messi at Inter Miami Futbol Club has caused a significant surge in the club’s popularity. The club’s Instagram account reportedly gained more than 4 million followers within 24 hours of Messi’s signing announcement, surpassing the follower count of every NFL, MLB, and NHL team.

The Messi Effect

The “Messi Effect” is in full swing in South Florida. Messi’s decision to sign with Inter Miami, rejecting a $1 billion offer from Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal, has had a profound impact on the club’s popularity. The club’s Instagram account added 4.2 million followers overnight, a number that continues to grow. The club now boasts a total of 5.6 million followers, more than any NFL, MLB, NHL, or MLS team.

Impact on Ticket Sales

The Messi effect is not only limited to social media. The ticket prices for Messi’s expected debut match have also seen a significant increase. Prior to Messi’s signing, tickets could be purchased for less than $30. However, post-signing, the prices have risen to more than $450, making them more expensive than NBA Finals entry tickets.

Fan Reactions

Fans have been quick to comment on the team’s newfound popularity. One fan exclaimed, “The Messi effect is real!” while another said, “This is great for Inter Miami.” Another follower wrote, “Soccer is the king of sports despite many people in the US still not being able to admit it.”

Messi’s debut is expected to come on July 21st, and a packed house in Miami is anticipated when he finally hits the pitch.

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