Cristiano Ronaldo Considers MLS Move if Lionel Messi Joins Inter Miami

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The football world is abuzz with the latest news surrounding two of the sport’s biggest icons, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. As Messi deliberates on the next step in his illustrious career, his decision could potentially influence Ronaldo’s future as well.

Messi, who is currently the center of attention, is considering his options for what could be the final move of his career. Reportedly, he has three offers on the table from Inter Miami, Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia, and Barcelona. However, Barcelona’s current salary limit restrictions are a hurdle in guaranteeing Messi’s registration to play.

In recent days, the possibility of Messi joining Inter Miami has gained momentum. If Messi decides to join Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia, he would once again go head-to-head with his old adversary, Cristiano Ronaldo. However, according to Toni Juanmarti, if Messi heads to Florida, Ronaldo would be open to leaving Al Nassr after just six months and joining another Major League Soccer side.

Juanmarti suggests that at least one club in the MLS is exploring the possibility of bringing Ronaldo to the league to compete with Messi. The pair have dominated the game for close to a decade, and their head-to-head match-ups were perhaps the greatest direct bout football history has ever seen. If either Saudi Arabia or MLS could secure the duo, even at this late stage in their career, it would undoubtedly attract plenty of eyes across the globe.

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