Guardiola and De Bruyne Eyeing Ultimate Glory for Manchester City

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Under Pep Guardiola’s guidance, Manchester City is on the brink of making history as they face Inter Milan in the Champions League final in Istanbul. The club is bidding to win the competition for the first time and complete the treble, having dominated the domestic scene in recent years.

The Dream and the Obsession

City playmaker Kevin De Bruyne and manager Pep Guardiola both spoke at a pre-match press conference at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium on Friday. When asked if victory was a “dream” or an “obsession”, De Bruyne responded, “Maybe both. Every professional player wants to win the Champions League and be on top. If you can win the Champions League, you’ve reached one of the biggest things you can.”

Guardiola, who guided Barcelona to victory in the competition twice, echoed De Bruyne’s sentiments. “Absolutely it’s a dream,” he said. “To achieve things you have to have a correct portion of obsession and desire, it’s a positive word, and willingness to try to do it, but of course it’s a dream.”

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As the Champions League final approaches, the anticipation is palpable. Will Manchester City achieve their dream and secure the ultimate glory? Only time will tell.