Chelsea FC’s New Kit Sparks Controversy Among Fans

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(Image: Darren Walsh)

Images of Chelsea FC‘s new home shirt for the 2023-24 campaign have been leaked, and the reaction from fans has been less than enthusiastic. The leaked images, which appeared on Footy Headlines, show a shirt that is predominantly the club’s traditional blue color, with white and navy sleeve cuffs and white panels on the upper waist.

A Throwback to 2012-13 Season

The new kit bears a resemblance to Chelsea’s 2012-13 kit due to its use of gold on the Nike tick and club logo. That particular kit was worn in the campaign when Chelsea were the reigning Champions League winners.

However, the new kit does not display a front-of-shirt sponsor, as Chelsea is set to replace ‘Three’, the British telecommunications and internet service provider that has served as their sponsor.

Fan Reactions

Chelsea fans have expressed their disappointment with the new kit design on social media. One fan tweeted, “Killing myself.” Another fan compared the design to that of an EFL Championship side, stating, “A jersey like championship league.

Despite the negative reactions, some fans are hopeful that the kit will look better on the players and in better pictures. One fan commented, “It looks terrible here but I’m sure it will look great on the players and in better pictures.

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As the new season approaches, it remains to be seen how the Chelsea players will perform in their new kit and whether the initial negative reactions from fans will change once they see the kit in action.