Unruly Football Fans Harass Referee Anthony Taylor and His Family at Airport

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(Image: @MCriscitiello/Twitter)

Anthony Taylor, an English referee, and his family were subjected to abuse by a group of Roma football supporters. This unfortunate event took place at Budapest airport on Thursday, following the Europa League final between Roma and Sevilla.

Taylor and his family were on their way home when they were confronted by disgruntled fans who were unhappy with Taylor’s officiating during the match. The game, which Roma lost to Sevilla, was a heated affair, with Roma’s manager, Jose Mourinho, branding Taylor a “f****** disgrace” after the match.

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A Heated Encounter

Footage circulating on social media shows Mourinho waiting for Taylor in the car park after the final whistle. The tension did not end there, as Taylor, a Manchester-born referee, was subjected to abuse by supporters at the airport in Budapest. The situation escalated to the point where police and security had to intervene to escort Taylor and his family to a safe area as the chants from the crowd grew louder. At one point, a chair was even thrown.

Mourinho’s Criticism

In his post-match press conference, Mourinho criticized Taylor’s performance, stating that the referee “seemed Spanish” after showing Roma a total of eight yellow cards, two of which were given to individuals who weren’t even on the pitch. Mourinho claimed, “It was an intense, vibrant game with a referee who seemed Spanish. It was yellow, yellow, yellow all the time.

Support for Taylor

In response to this incident, the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) released a statement expressing their support for Taylor and his family. The statement read, “PGMOL is aware of videos circulating on social media showing Anthony Taylor and his family being harassed and abused at Budapest Airport. We are appalled at the unjustified and abhorrent abuse directed at Anthony and his family as he tries to make his way home from refereeing the UEFA Europa League final. We shall continue to provide our full support to Anthony and his family.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the intense pressure and scrutiny that football referees face. It also highlights the need for respect and decency, even in the face of disappointment and disagreement.

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