United States to Host Expanded FIFA Club World Cup 2025

The United States has been unanimously voted by the FIFA Council to serve as the hosts for the highly anticipated and expanded 32-team FIFA Club World Cup in 2025.

This decision was made after a thorough evaluation of infrastructure and service requirements, with the United States emerging as a proven leader in staging global sporting events.

The tournament is set to precede the 2026 World Cup, which will also be co-hosted by the United States, presenting a unique opportunity for FIFA to maximize synergies and promote the development of football in the North American region.

New Format & Qualification

The FIFA Club World Cup 2025 will introduce an expanded format, featuring 32 clubs vying for glory. This new structure replaces the previous seven-team version and adds an exciting element to the tournament.

In order to qualify, clubs must secure a continental championship within the five main confederations: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Europe has been awarded the highest number of slots, with 12, followed by South America with six, and the other regions receiving four each.

Additional entries may be granted based on teams’ rankings over a four-year period in their respective continental competitions.

The teams will be divided into eight groups of four, igniting intense competition from the very beginning. While FIFA is yet to finalize all the details, including the precise tournament format, the essence of the competition remains the same.

fifa club world cup trophy
Image Credit: Indian Express

FIFA President: USA is an Ideal host

FIFA President Gianni Infantino praised the United States as the ideal host for this global tournament, emphasizing the nation’s outstanding infrastructure and the massive local interest in football.

He remarked, “The FIFA Club World Cup 2025 will be the pinnacle of elite professional men’s club football, and with the required infrastructure in place together with a massive local interest, the United States is the ideal host to kick off this new, global tournament.”

The enthusiasm and passion of fans from every continent, combined with the United States’ exceptional hosting capabilities, promise to make the event truly remarkable.

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