Lionel Messi: A Potential Return to Barcelona FC?

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Lionel Messi is reportedly considering a return to Barcelona FC. According to his father and agent, Jorge Messi, the player is keen on going back to the Camp Nou club.

A Desire to Return to Barcelona

“Leo wants to return to Barça and I would love for him to come back. It is an option,” Jorge Messi told journalist Toni Juanmartí. This statement emerged after a video was shared of Messi senior arriving for talks with Barcelona president Joan Laporta.

Messi’s exit from Paris Saint-Germain has already been confirmed, but a new club is yet to be decided. The Argentinian has been linked with a move to Saudi Arabia or Inter Miami, as well as a return to Barcelona.

A Green Light for Barcelona

Reports earlier on Monday said LaLiga had finally accepted Barça’s “feasibility plan” for the summer, a roadmap securing and accounting for the club’s financial future. This means the club now has the green light to register new contracts. With that, a return for Messi really is now possible.

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As we wait for the official announcement, we can’t help but wonder what the future holds for Lionel Messi. Will he make a successful return to Barcelona, or does another opportunity await him? Only time will tell.