Jadon Sancho Contemplates Dortmund Reunion with Potential Loan Move

Jadon Sancho, the talented English winger, is reportedly considering a return to his former club, Borussia Dortmund. With Manchester United indicating that he will have to leave the club in the upcoming summer transfer window.

Dortmund Loan for Sancho?

According to a report in Bild, Jadon Sancho desires a return to his former club, Borussia Dortmund. Manchester United has reportedly informed him that he will have to leave the club in the upcoming summer transfer window.

While there haven’t been direct talks with Sancho regarding a potential transfer, Dortmund’s sports director, Sebastian Kehl, is said to be in regular contact with Sancho’s advisors from the Project Elite Group.

A complete buyback is currently unlikely due to Sancho’s high market value, estimated at €55 million. Therefore, a loan move could be a possible option.

Credit: StrettyNews

Sancho’s tough season at United

Sancho’s debut season with Manchester United was widely regarded as a disaster, with some of the blame placed on the club’s unstable managerial situation. However, this season, excuses are running thin, and there is an expectation for him to deliver.

Ten Hag has given Sancho ample time to improve both physically and mentally and has continuously supported him. Yet, despite the manager’s backing, Sancho has failed to come close to fulfilling his immense potential.

Returning to Dortmund, however, does not guarantee an automatic return to form for Sancho. Manchester United finds itself in a difficult situation, as the player has become somewhat of a liability.

In his recent outings, Sancho has displayed timidity, being reluctant to take on his opponents and opting for safe passes instead of challenging defenders.

The recent Wembley final exemplified the issues surrounding Sancho’s game. He appeared weak in 50-50 duels, often getting outmuscled by opposing players.

The once highly-regarded England international now seems like a mere shadow of the player for whom Manchester United paid €85 million after a year-long pursuit.

Meanwhile, reports from The Telegraph suggest that Manchester United is in search of a left winger, raising questions about where Sancho will fit into the team’s starting lineup. This uncertainty adds to the speculation surrounding his future at the club.