‘It’s a disgrace’ – Rio Ferdinand launches rant against Jamie Carragher!

Rio Ferdinand and Jamie Carragher are fighting it out online as reports come of Steven Gerrard joining Saudi Arabia side Al-Ettihaq. Ferdinand launched a scathing attack on Carragher for not commenting on Gerrard’s move despite his comments on the country’s sportswashing plan.

“Jamie Carragher, where are you man?” he began. “I heard a lot of talk, a lot of negativity about Saudi. ‘Oh Bernardo Silva, I can’t believe it, it’s a disgrace, it needs investigating…Steven Gerrard’s gone. You used to carry his boots and his bags at Anfield to games. Your boy’s gone over there, I’ve not heard a peep out of you,” Ferdinand continued on FIVE Youtube channel.

“I’ve not heard how disappointed you are. I want to hear him [Carragher] say ‘I can’t believe Stevie’s gone there’. I’m actually buzzing for any of the guys who have gone out to Saudi – because it’s Saudi, people are going mad, but all these other countries and leagues over the years have done exactly the same thing.”

Carragher hit back at his former international team-mate and said: “Never criticised Silva, Benzema, Neves or SG, I don’t like Saudi trying to buy football like they have Golf. I knew you’d be all over it Rio like you were in Qatar. Thats why you refused to do the opening game for Match of the Day didn’t want to criticise your paymaster!”

They continue to fight online as Saudis continue raid premier league clubs for star players.