‘I’m staying!’ – Kalvin Phillips clear on Manchester City future!

Kalvin Phillips has lifted the lid on his future at Manchester City. Phillips had a disappointing season wherein he was faced with injuries and lack of game time. Phillips started just 3 games under Pep despite City having a massive 61 games to play. He wants to try and break through as he hopes to develop and catch the manager’s attention.

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Daily Mail

Kalvin admitted that he already had a hamstring injury when he was first signed for £42 million. He was then sidelined with a shoulder injury. However, despite remaining fit in the second half of the season, he was constantly overlooked and not trusted to play the big games.

He said: “My intention is to stay there. We have just won the Treble, so there is no reason for me to leave other than if I am not playing I will obviously have to think about it.”

“I cannot give it 12 months and say I am not playing so I am going to leave. As you have seen with many players at City, it can take quite a while to cement yourself into the team.”

“Hopefully I will enjoy my off season and then work hard when I get back. I spoke to quite a few of the players about it. Nathan Ake being one. Jack. “They all said the same, they all said the first 12 months were the hardest of their City careers but after that it doesn’t become easy, but easier.”

“I’m just going to go away for the off-season and enjoy myself with my family and girlfriend and friends and then come back fighting.”

Kalvin hopes to fight for his spot and come out swinging. He has said that he will sit down with Pep and discuss his future and place in the team.

He said: “I will definitely speak to Pep. I don’t know whether it will be in the summer because everyone enjoys their downtime and everyone wants their space away from football so I’ll probably leave it until I go back for pre-season. But I’ll just speak to him and have a good conversation.”