Diminik Szoboszlai could be neighbours with former-teammate Erling Haaland!

Dominik Szoboszlai is announced as Liverpool’s new midfielder as his £60 million release clause was met. He has now revealed how he asked Erling Haaland for help during the move and his influence on living in England.

“We’ve talked. So much so that Erling Haaland has also advised on finding real estate, and it could very well be that we become neighbours,” Szoboszlai told Hungarian-based outlet Nemzeti Sport. “I learned from him that several players live halfway between Manchester and Liverpool in a quiet area where privacy can be preserved, and on Monday I will see what he was talking about, I am very curious. And of course, putting our friendship aside during the Liverpool-Manchester City matches, it will surely be a fantastic experience to play against each other.”

He added: “I’ll do some training on Monday, I have some paperwork to do, and then look at some potential properties where I’d like to live. Then I have to go to Leipzig, pack up my stuff, say goodbye to my former club, thank everyone for their support, love and encouragement and then to Budapest. But on the 10th at the latest I will be back in Liverpool because on the 11th I will be training for my new team.”

Szoboszlai is eager to earn Klopp’s trust and start the midfield revolution the Reds are in need of. “I don’t want to look too far. I’m trying to take it step by step, I definitely need time to get used to the rhythm of the Premier League, the way Liverpool plays, Jurgen Klopp’s ideas,” he said. “The opportunity to play is the most important thing, as always, and if I have that, obviously I want to score as many goals as possible, give assists, make myself accepted by my surroundings, by the fans. I want to deserve the confidence that they give me here in Liverpool at every moment.”

He is set to wear Steven Gerrard’s holy No. 8 shirt and could possibly make his debut on August 13th against Chelsea.

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Payal Sinha

Hope it work for Fulham in this season…