Berhalter on his relations with Reyna: There is work to be done

In recent developments within the United States men’s national soccer team, head coach Gregg Berhalter acknowledged the need to repair his relationship with player Gio Reyna.

Since the 2022 World Cup, tensions have arisen between the two parties due to reported issues surrounding Reyna’s attitude and performance on and off the field.

The Strained Relationship

During the 2022 World Cup, Berhalter made the decision to bench Reyna for matches against England and Wales, citing concerns about the player’s attitude during training sessions. This decision added fuel to the growing tensions between them.

In December of the same year, Berhalter publicly criticized Reyna’s efforts on and off the field, further straining their relationship.

In response to Berhalter’s comments, Reyna’s parents, Danielle and Claudio, took action by bringing attention to a domestic violence incident involving Berhalter and his now-wife Rosalind.

This prompted U.S. Soccer to initiate a thorough independent investigation into the matter. As a result, Berhalter was temporarily suspended from his role as head coach, with Anthony Hudson and later B.J. Callaghan serving as interim managers.

Following the completion of the investigation, USSF cleared Berhalter of any wrongdoing and reinstated him as the head coach.

However, the strained relationship with Reyna remained unresolved. Berhalter expressed the need for additional efforts to mend the rift between him and certain players, particularly Reyna.

Gregg Berhalter
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What Berhalter said

“I would agree that there is work to be done. Gio is a vital member of this squad and a highly gifted man, and I owe it to him and to every player on the club to train them all equally.”

“I want to get the most out of him, and we want the most out of him because, if we can tap into his potential, he’ll transform the course of this programme, said Berhalter.”

“The relationship with Matt needs to be rebuilt, which is part of the job that needs to be done because we know it will be crucial going ahead.”

Berhalter added he has not spoken with Ricardo Pepi or Zack Steffen either.

“I haven’t spoken with them, and similar to the Gio instance, I believe there are a number of people you should get in touch with. In an ideal world, everyone would be in harmony, and since our goal is to succeed as a team, solid connections are essential.”

“There is definitely time for that in the following months. It requires the players to stay focused on what we’re doing.”

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