Bayern Munich slows down their Striker pursuit

It became evident that Bayern Munich had set their sights on acquiring a striker during the summer transfer window of 2023.

While Dušan Vlahović may not be their primary target, recent reports indicate that he remains on Bayern’s list of potential transfers.

Additionally, two other names have emerged as possibilities—Gonçalo Ramos from Benfica and Rasmus Højlund from Atalanta.

Although the club’s search has seemingly quieted down, Sport1’s Kerry Hau sheds light on the situation.

Bayern is diligently observing the striker market, carefully weighing their options, and considering alternative strategies if they fail to secure their desired player.

The Striker Market’s Current State

According to Hau, Bayern Munich’s pursuit of a new striker has temporarily slowed down, and it is unlikely to change in the near future.

However, the club continues to keep a close eye on the market. While interest in Dušan Vlahović may have cooled, Bayern remains interested.

Furthermore, they have two other potential options in Gonçalo Ramos and Rasmus Højlund, who were initially mentioned as possibilities but later fell into radio silence.

Gonçalo Ramos and the Role of Jorge Mendes

Jorge Mendes, a renowned football agent representing players like João Cancelo, has recently secured a mandate for Gonçalo Ramos, with the aim of transferring the striker to a top club.

Mendes, who maintains regular contact with Bayern Munich, has repeatedly mentioned Ramos as a potential target for the club. Although no concrete progress has been reported, Ramos remains a viable option for Bayern.

Bayern’s Patient Approach

The reason for the apparent lack of progress in Bayern Munich’s pursuit of a striker stems from their deliberate strategy.

The club is playing for time, as several other clubs are also in the market for a striker but have yet to make significant moves.

Currently, the selling clubs hold the upper hand and are driving up the asking prices.

Bayern, like other potential buyers, are hopeful that prices will decrease later in the transfer window.

Alternative Strategy: Mathys Tel’s Opportunity

Should Bayern Munich fail to secure their desired striker during the summer transfer window, Sport1’s Hau suggests an alternative scenario that has been discussed internally—giving Mathys Tel more game time as a striker in the upcoming season.

With no clear frontrunner for the position, Bayern is hesitant to engage in expensive and potentially unsatisfactory signings.

The prevailing opinion within the club is that offering Tel a baptism by fire might be a better course of action.

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