Atletico Madrid Set to Extend Alvaro Morata’s Contract Until 2026

Atletico Madrid seems poised to extend the contract of their 30-year-old striker, Alvaro Morata, keeping him at the club until 2026.

According to reports from Marca, Morata is expected to sign the renewal, and there have been suggestions that he might agree to a reduced salary. Matteo Moretto has corroborated these claims.

However, Toni Juanmarti argues that the reduction in Morata’s salary is not significant. In fact, if Morata manages to meet the bonus targets outlined in his contract, his overall earnings would remain more or less the same.

Despite interest from Milan and Juventus, Morata seems inclined to stay in his hometown of Madrid. The speculation surrounding his potential move to Italy might have been a factor driving up the negotiation price, but there appears to be less talk about it now.

Morata’s performance since returning from a two-year loan spell at Juventus has been decent but not outstanding.

In 46 games, he has scored 15 goals and provided 3 assists. While he is undoubtedly a useful asset for the team, it appears that Atletico Madrid’s manager, Diego Simeone, does not entirely trust Morata as his first-choice striker in the number nine position.

This decision to renew Morata’s contract despite Simeone’s reservations could be influenced by various factors.

Morata’s familiarity with the city and his settled personal life in Madrid might have played a role in his desire to stay. Additionally, Atletico Madrid might believe that Morata’s presence and experience can still contribute positively to the team, even if he is not considered the primary option upfront.

As Atletico Madrid secures Morata’s services for an extended period, only time will tell if he can elevate his performances and establish himself as a more reliable goal-scoring threat.

For now, though, it seems that Morata will continue wearing the Atletico Madrid jersey, representing his beloved hometown in the years to come.

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