Ancelotti in Talks with Brazilian FA for Head Coach Role

Credit: The Sun

Carlo Ancelotti, the current manager of Real Madrid, is expected to meet with the Brazilian Football Association (FA) this week. The Brazilian FA president, Ednaldo Rodrigues, confirmed the news on Tuesday, stating that the meeting would discuss the possibility of Ancelotti taking over as the new head coach for Brazil.

Ancelotti, a four-time Champions League winner, has publicly committed to honouring the last year of his contract with Real Madrid. However, Rodrigues did not dismiss the possibility of waiting until July 2024 to secure Ancelotti’s services.

Rodrigues emphasized that the decision would not be made unilaterally. “In that case [waiting until 2024], it will not be a decision that I make by my own, I have to listen and discuss with our board and with the players, because they need to be heard,” Rodrigues said. He further added that the decision would be in sync with the players’ opinions.

Rodrigues is scheduled to stay in Spain until June 18, during which he has several meetings lined up. While he did not explicitly confirm a meeting with Ancelotti, he expressed hope of returning to Brazil with a clearer message regarding Ancelotti’s potential appointment.

Ancelotti’s name emerged as a strong contender for the vacant national managerial position earlier this year. Rodrigues, in a news conference on Tuesday, praised Ancelotti, stating, “We have him as one of the best coaches in the world. Not only because he is a winner, but he is also the ideal person for the vast majority of players.”

Rodrigues further highlighted Ancelotti’s reputation as a great group manager. “Those who played with him miss him and consider him one of the best in the world. And young people want him to be their coach. One of the best coaches in the world would fit perfectly in the biggest national team in the world.”

The Brazilian national team, five-time world champions, has been without a coach since the resignation of Tite following their quarterfinal exit at the 2022 World Cup in December. The potential appointment of Ancelotti could mark a new chapter in Brazilian football.

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