What next for Mourinho? Manager drops bombshell on his future ahead of Europa League clash

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As the football world turns its attention to the upcoming UEFA Europa League final, one man stands in the spotlight, not just for his team’s performance, but for his own future. Jose Mourinho, the charismatic and often controversial coach of Roma, has dropped a significant hint about his future at the club, sparking speculation about his next move.

Mourinho, who is still under contract with Roma, has been a central figure in the club’s journey this season. However, recent statements suggest that he could be spending his final days as the coach for the giallorossi. The love story between Mourinho and Roma may be nearing its end as the current season wraps up.

During the pre-match press conference for the UEFA Europa League final, Mourinho made references to his past stints as coach at other clubs, particularly Inter and Real Madrid, suggesting that his time at Stadio Olimpico could be drawing to a close.

In a candid moment, Mourinho revealed that he had spoken to his captains about the future. “I’ve spoken with my two captains (Lorenzo Pellegrini and Gianluca Mancini) and they asked me a similar question. I was perfectly clear with them and I don’t want them to tell you what we talked about because that stays between us, it’s private.” Mourinho stated.

Mourinho’s future has been a topic of intense speculation, with rumors linking him to a potential move to PSG to replace Christoph Galtier. However, the 60-year-old tactician is still under contract with Roma, and a win against Sevilla in the Europa League final could potentially push him further away from Roma in search of other opportunities.

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Regardless of the outcome of the final, Mourinho’s impact on Roma and his potential departure will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the club and its fans. As the football world waits for the final whistle, one thing is certain: Mourinho’s next move will be one to watch.

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