The Premier League 2022-2023 Season: A Look at the Prize Money

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As the 2022-2023 Premier League season draws to a close, the world of football is abuzz with anticipation. The dust is settling, and a new champion emerges: Manchester City. Their victory was sealed following Arsenal’s loss to Nottingham Forest, marking Manchester City’s third consecutive victory. However, the final day of the Premier League, May 28, will see ten matches that will decide the fate of Everton, Leicester City, and Leeds United.

The end of the season also brings about questions regarding the Premier League prize money. This year, the teams have not only earned from the prize money but also from broadcasting rights and sponsorship deals.

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The Prize Money Breakdown

The team that finishes the Premier League as the champions, which is Manchester City this year, is estimated to win a staggering USD 54.4 million. When you add the sponsorship earnings, fees from TV broadcasts, and other payments, the winning team ends up bagging almost USD 186 million.

Arsenal, expected to take the second spot in the Premier League this season, will receive around USD 51.7 million. The third-place finishers will receive USD 49 million, the fourth-place team will earn USD 46.3 million, and the fifth-place finisher will get USD 43.6 million.

The prize money for the rest of the field is as follows:

  • 6th placed team: USD 40.8 million
  • 7th placed team: USD 38.1 million
  • 8th placed team: USD 35.4 million
  • 9th placed team: USD 32.7 million
  • 10th placed team: USD 29.9 million
  • 11th placed team: USD 27.2 million
  • 12th placed team: USD 24.5 million
  • 13th placed team: USD 21.8 million
  • 14th placed team: USD 19.1 million
  • 15th placed team: USD 16.3 million
  • 16th placed team: USD 13.6 million
  • 17th placed team: USD 10.9 million
  • 18th placed team: USD 8.2 million
  • 19th placed team: USD 5.4 million
  • 20th placed team: USD 2.7 million

The Score Sheet

Currently, Manchester City leads the scoresheet with a total score of 89 points after playing in 37 matches. Arsenal is a close second with 81 points, while Manchester United sits in third place with 72 points. Newscastle secures the fourth spot with its 70-point score, and Liverpool rounds up the top five with a score of 66 points.

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