Manchester United Fan Arrested Over Offensive Shirt

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A Manchester United fan was arrested at Wembley Stadium for wearing a shirt that appeared to mock the 97 Liverpool fans who tragically lost their lives in the Hillsborough disaster. The shirt, a white United away jersey, displayed the number 97 and the words “Not Enough,” causing outrage among Liverpool fans and survivors of the Hillsborough tragedy.

The Incident and Arrest

Images of the man wearing the offensive shirt circulated on social media, leading to his identification by officials at Wembley Stadium. The Metropolitan Police in London confirmed the arrest via a tweet, stating, “We are aware of this and have worked proactively with officials at Wembley Stadium to identify the individual. He has been arrested on suspicion of a public order offence and taken into custody.

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Reaction from the Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance

The Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance responded to the incident with a tweet, urging anyone who thought the behavior was acceptable to speak with them and the families of the 97 victims. They offered to educate such individuals about the gravity of the tragedy. The Hillsborough disaster, which occurred during the FA Cup semi-final in Sheffield against Nottingham Forest in 1989, resulted in the death of 97 people due to a crowd crush.

Condemnation and Education

This incident has sparked a wave of condemnation, with many questioning why such a message was allowed to be printed on the shirt. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of respect and empathy in football, a sport that brings people together. As the football community continues to react to this incident, it’s hoped that it will lead to increased awareness and understanding of the Hillsborough disaster and its lasting impact on the victims’ families and the wider football community.

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