How much money do FA Cup champions take home?

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As the football world gears up for the FA Cup final, the financial stakes of the match are also a topic of interest. The winner of the men’s FA Cup will take home a hefty sum of £2m in prize money, while the runner-up receives £1m.

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The Breakdown of the FA Cup Prize Money

The FA Cup, one of the most prestigious football competitions in England, offers significant financial rewards to the teams that progress through its various stages. Here’s a breakdown of the men’s FA Cup prize money:

Stage of CompetitionPrize Money
Final winners£2,000,000
Final runners-up£1,000,000
Semi-final winners£1,000,000
Semi-final losers£500,000
Quarter-final winners£450,000
Fifth round proper winners£225,000
Fourth round proper winners£120,000
Third round proper winners£105,000
Second round proper winners£67,000
First round proper winners£41,000

In contrast, the winner of the women’s FA Cup earns just £100,000, highlighting the significant disparity in prize money between the men’s and women’s competitions.

The Upcoming FA Cup Final

The 2022/23 FA Cup final is set to take place at Wembley on Saturday 3 June 2023, with kick-off at 3pm. The match will be free-to-air, allowing viewers to watch on BBC 1, ITV 1 and STV. Those wishing to stream the match can do so on the BBC Sport website, the BBC iPlayer, ITVX and STV Player.

The final will see Manchester City take on rivals Manchester United, with City looking to move a step closer to a historic treble. Pep Guardiola’s side has already secured a third Premier League title in a row and will face Inter in the Champions League final the following week in Istanbul.

The Significance of the FA Cup Final

The FA Cup final is not just about the glory of winning one of the oldest football competitions in the world. It also carries significant financial implications for the participating teams. The prize money can provide a significant boost to a club’s finances and can be used to invest in new players, improve facilities, or strengthen the club in other ways.

As the football world awaits the FA Cup final, the financial stakes of the match add another layer of intrigue to this highly anticipated showdown.

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