Gregg Berhalter set to Return as United States Men’s National Team Head Coach

According to The Athletic, Gregg Berhalter is set to return as the head coach of the United States men’s national team (USMNT).

Berhalter, who previously held the position, has been in talks to reclaim his role after his contract expired in January.

A Competitive Field of Candidates

During the search for a new head coach, several prominent names emerged as potential candidates to lead the USMNT.

Among them was Jesse Marsch, the former manager of Leeds United. Marsch’s success in his coaching career made him a top contender for the position.

Additionally, legendary French superstars Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira were also rumored to be in consideration.

Incident Involving Berhalter and Reyna’s Family

However, the negotiations between Berhalter and the U.S. Soccer Federation faced a setback due to an incident involving Gio Reyna’s parents, Claudio and Danielle, who are longtime friends of Berhalter.

This incident occurred 30 years ago and was brought to light during discussions about Berhalter’s potential return.

It involved an unfortunate incident between Berhalter and his wife, Rosalind. The incident led to tensions and raised concerns within the soccer community.

Investigation Clears Berhalter

Recognizing the seriousness of the matter, U.S. football federation initiated a thorough investigation to gather all the relevant facts and ensure transparency.

The investigation aimed to determine whether the incident should impact Berhalter’s eligibility for employment.

Following a comprehensive review, the investigation concluded that Berhalter should be considered for the head coach position once again. This clearance allowed the negotiations to resume, bringing Berhalter closer to reclaiming his role.

Berhalter’s first stint as USMNT head coach

During his previous stint as the USMNT head coach, Berhalter led the team to significant achievements.

The USMNT secured the 2021 Nations League title, displaying their ability to compete at the highest level. They followed this triumph by clinching the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Additionally, under Berhalter’s guidance, the USMNT successfully qualified for the 2022 World Cup. Remarkably, they advanced from a challenging group that included traditional powerhouses such as England and Wales, along with Iran.

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