England vs North Macedonia: Highlights, Live Score

The Euro 2024 qualifier match between England and North Macedonia ended in a resounding victory for England with a scoreline of 7-0.

The match saw a spectacular performance from the English team, with Harry Kane and Bukayo Saka being the standout performers. Kane scored two goals, with his final touch of the season being a smashing goal into the top corner. Saka, on the other hand, scored a hat-trick, with his third goal being a one-on-one play assisted by Kane.

Kalvin Phillips also opened his England account with a goal, thanks to a deflected cross from Jack Grealish intended for Harry Kane. Marcus Rashford, the Manchester United star, scored a tap-in from close range, contributing to England’s dominant performance.

The North Macedonia team struggled throughout the match, with their defense falling apart in the early stages of the second half. Despite their efforts, they were unable to halt England’s relentless attack.

This victory is significant for England as it marks their fourth consecutive win in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. The team’s performance was a display of their potential and readiness for the upcoming tournament. The players’ individual performances, especially those of Kane, Saka, and Rashford, were key to this victory, demonstrating their crucial roles in the team’s success.

This win also signifies England’s strong position in the Group C standings of the Euro 2024 qualifiers, bringing them one step closer to the main tournament. It’s a testament to the team’s strength and potential to go far in the Euro 2024 tournament.